Beer, Wine & Tobacco

Retro Dairy Mart has a wide variety of beer, wine, and tobacco products to choose from. We have domestic, foreign, and craft beers plus a nice selection of wine on our wine rack as well as ready to serve bottles chilling in the fridge. We carry many different brands of cigarettes behind the counter as well as premium and affordable rolling tobacco, papers, wrappers, and chewing tobacco. Come inside to choose what you want or drive thru and order from an attendant. Please be sure to have ID ready. Feel free to shop ahead of time by browsing our list of choices below. -> Get directions here.

Cold Drinks & Beverages

Retro Dairy Mart, drive thru dairy & convenience store is here to help you quench that thirst! We carry all of the major brands in various sizes for you to choose from. Including all of your favorite energy and coffee drinks to give you the boost you need to start your day. Need to rehydrate? Recharge with a smart water, vitamin water, sports drink, or coconut water. Or grab an ice tea or organic juice. Need a protein shake? We have them. As well as single servings of chocolate milk, strawberry milk, and regular milk for a treat or to help growing bodies grow. Come inside or drive thru to order from an attendant at our little store in Burbank, Ca. To browse the list of cold drinks & beverage to choose from click the 'View More Choices' button below. -> Get directions here.

Dairy Products & Refrigerated Items

Retro Dairy Mart carries various Alta Dena Dairy products as well as dairy and dairy alternative options in our fridge. We have butter, sour cream, yogurt and other dairy items as well as ice cream cones, bars, sandwiches, and pints of premium quality goodness to enjoy. Need to make breakfast or a meal? We have lunch meats, hot dogs, bacon, eggs, and cheese for you to work with. Or grab a fresh sandwich, burrito, salad, or other 'ready to go' item in our fridge. Come inside to browse our store. Or sit back, relax, and enjoy a blast from the past as we bring it to your order to you as you sit comfortably in your car. Shop ahead of time by clicking the 'View List of Choices' button below. -> Get directions here.

Fresh Meals, Coffee & Pastries

Start the day off right with a hot cup of coffee and a fresh, delicious pastry from Portos Bakery at Retro Dairy Mart. We have a variety of creamers and other goodness to mix that cup of Joe just right. We have a selection of gourmet sandwiches, burritos, salads, and healthy bites to fuel up that belly and keep you going. As well as a microwave for you to heat up your breakfast sandwich, Hot Pocket or burrito on the spot. Come inside and grab what you want and enjoy a relaxing moment on our garden patio. Or drive thru and order from a smiling face! Click on the 'View List of Choices' button below to shop ahead or order from your car. -> Get directions here.

Groceries & Produce

Retro Dairy Mart has a small but mighty selection of groceries and produce for you to choose from. We have baking goods, mixes, spices, pasta sauces, and condiments. Canned food and vegetables. Buns, bread, rice, tortillas, and pasta. As well as coffee, coffee filters and supplies. Our selection of fresh fruits and vegetables are re-stocked daily. And don't forget that we have a great selection of dairy products and refrigerated items for you to choose from to whip up a satisfying meal. Shop with us and avoid long lines at the grocery store. Order from an attendant and let us grab it for you while you relax in your car. To browse our shelves ahead of time click the 'View List of Options' below. -> Get directions here.

Health, Beauty & Personal Care

Retro Dairy Mart has all of the essential health, first aid, beauty and personal care items you need. Allergies kicking up? We have you covered. Have a cold or flu? We have what you need as well. Need some lotion, body wash, or other self care item? We have some nice options for you. As well as toothpaste, shaving cream, razors and other essential items for men and women. To see what health, beauty, and personal care items we carry click the 'View List of Choices' below. Come inside to shop for yourself or drive thru and order from an attendant while waiting in your car. -> Get directions here.

Household, Pets & Automotive

Need propane for the BBQ or party ice for an event? We got it. As well as all of the essential household items and supplies you need for your kitchen, bathroom, home, and laundry room on our shelves. Got a hungry kitty or doggie? We have dry and wet food options as well as kitty litter for your feline friend. Got a light bulb that needs replacing? A controller that needs more batteries? Or a tire that picked up a nail and need a quick fix? Click the 'View More Options' below to see what we have to help you or come inside and grab what you need or order from an attendant and we'll bring it out to your car. -> Get directions here.

Snacks, Candy, Chips & Cookies

Retro Dairy Mart has a a nice selection of healthy snacks, nuts, trail mixes, beef jerky, protein and energy bars for you to choose from. As well as pastries, cakes, cookies, chips to snack on and enjoy. Got a sweet tooth? We have a lot of options for you to choose from including gum, mints, chocolate, sweet & tart treats, novelty and retro candy options for you to satisfy your craving and enjoy. Come inside and grab what you want or drive thru and order from an attendant. To see what snacks and sweet treats we have for you click the 'View More Options' button below. -> Get directions here.