Keeping The Spirit of Nostalgia

Retro Dairy Mart is under new ownership as of October 2014. We are the nostalgic neighborhood spot for many Burbank and surrounding residents. It’s the former historical Alta Dena Drive-Thru Dairy located in Burbank, CA since 1962. In keeping with the spirit of the significance of the nostalgic impact, RDM donated the Altadena original sign to the San Fernando Valley Relics Museum.


Recently it has been renovated while still maintaining its nostalgic charming façade. Customers can drive-up from one of two sides and literally remain in their vehicle while one of our attendant’s retrieve the groceries/snacks. Another option is to park and walk inside RDM and shop for yourself and enjoy the extensive selection of drinks and snacks RDM. Finally as part of the renovation, RDM has a quaint patio with tables, umbrellas, chairs and a television for customers to enjoy their snacks and coffee while relaxing.

The renovated RDM has a little bit of everything you may need and more inventory than previously. We sell warm, fresh coffee and Porto’s pastries. Due to its popularity, we carry Altadena Dairy products such as milk, cheese, eggs, sour cream butter, etc. Additionally we have a wide assortment of energy drinks, ice teas, sodas, water, beer, wine, etc. Other products include can goods, sandwiches, cold cuts, bread, burritos, fruit, ice, propane, essential health care items, medicine, and pet food. Just simply drive-thru like when you were a child with your parents and treat yourselves and kids to an ice cream, chips and retro candy. Hope to see you soon!


View recent images of Retro Dairy Mart - here.

Film Location

Looking for a nostalgic, retro, vintage convenience store location to shoot your movie, music video, or television show? Do you need to find a place to set up basecamp in Burbank, CA?


RDM has been featured in music videos, movies and the parking lot has been rented for setting up the food trucks while filming in the immediate surroundings. Our location is available for your next film, video or project. We have a charismatic store available and or a large parking lot available for rental.


It can be rented by the hour or by day. Please call Patricia Franco directly at 818-516-9250 or email at

View recent images of Retro Dairy Mart - here.

Want to come and visit us?


You need to check this place out... New owners are great people! - Sandra Rivas Mariano via Facebook - 5 Stars
Need to grab something before you head home, stop by at the Retro Dairy Mart. Great customer service. - Rose Gomez via Facebook - 5 Stars
Where I get my Daily Retro on! Holli is the best! See u tomorrow! - Dan Watters via Facebook -
5 stars
I can't wait to go shopping, it's a beautiful place. See you there, Patty! - Yolanda Delmoral via Facebook -5 Stars
So convenient you don't even need to get out of your car ! - Daniela Contreras via Facebook - 5 Stars

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Click on the image below to look at the menu of items available to you to choose from. Come in and grab what you need or have one of our attendants bring it out to you. Or stay a while and enjoy a fresh meal, cup of coffee, and Portos pastry on our patio.

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Cold Drinks & Beverages

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